Almost there...

The wait is nearly over. Just one day left now for the final inspection. Soon we will get the full access to our new home.

Yesterday we had been to Ikea (yeah again) to get "some" furniture, and unsurprisingly came back with a huge load of stuff. It is Ikea after all. Most of the stuff that we didn't know we really needed. And also stuff like furniture for kids rooms. Selecting the furniture, color, matching bed-sheets, pillow covers etc, etc was the easy part, as I did not stand any chance of argument. After all Ana gets to select most of the things. I just get to carry all the heavy stuff around.

The difficult part was to take out the furniture. And I almost fractured my foot as the heaviest piece of the furniture fell straight on it, but luckily I got away with just a small bruise on my foot instead of broken bones.

Today they were finishing up the cleaning work and getting the minor adjustments done. And I also got some quick, ten minutes crash course from the technician on how to handle the high-tech heating system. As with all the modern gadgets the heating system also has an app for it. So this system is actually hooked up to the internet connection in the house and with the app it can be controlled via smart phone from any where, even when one is away from the house.

In the evening the guys tested the out door lamps as well to make sure all are working properly. The house with the lights on in the dark looked stunning, even though the indoor lights were not switched on.

Now just a few more hours to go and the preparation for move #2 is in full swing. See you again after the final inspection.


Day of the preliminary checks arrived. Today was the day for Kontrolbesiktning. All the stakeholders were on site. Including the private investigator whose job was to make sure every minute detail in every corner of the house is done and ready according to the required standards and quality.

And I am very glad that these kind of preliminary inspections are a part of the process in Sweden. It is good to identify any issues or flaws before hand than on the day of final inspection. So Magnus from Projektbyggaren (yes, yet another Magnus. There are many Magnus' involved in making our house. It is a common Swedish name.) did what he does best. He showed no mercy during the pre-inspection. He pin pointed all the incomplete things which the guys were not yet able to finish. Plus he gave strong comments on the already completed work, which was not up to the required quality. I would never have identified these small things even after we had moved in. But this guy was really good in his inspection. He made a big list of things that needed to be fixed or finished before the final inspection. And now it is Myresjöhus' responsibility to get it done before the final inspection date or else they get a penalty for each day after the final inspection if the issue is not fixed.

With Kontrolbesiktning done, it is now time to start packing out stuff and get going with part 2 of the moving. But at least this time we are not in a hurry like during part 1 of the moving.

Rest assured we are getting the keys to our new home next week after the final inspection is done. This will be a start of a new adventure.