Speed bumps... It is never a smooth ride !

So far most of the things have been smooth and without any problems. But as we approach the day for the final inspection of the house, thinking everything is going well and smooth as planned, the road to the end gets a little bumpy.

It was just this week that the Kommun (municipality) of Karlskrona sent us a letter telling us that the wall around the house was too high on the corner of the street. When we started building the house, we were happy that we could get a corner plot. But little did we know that having a corner plot comes with some limitations. As it turns out, building a wall around the house with a plot at the corner of the street has limitations on the height of the wall. This is a regulatory requirement. The reason for it is the visibility is affected for the vehicles when driving around the corner if the wall is too high.
When the building permission was approved the allowed height of the wall was 80cm from the street level. But when the wall building started, we realized that the street itself was slanting on both sides of the wall and the corner of the street was too low. So when the wall was eventually completed, the sides of the wall were less than 80cm high, where as the corner was more than 80cm high.
How high? approximately 2 bricks high on the corner.

Now we have to fix the height of the wall on the corner, but we do not have much time to do it. When Karlskrona Kommun sent the letter in beginning of October, about the height of the wall, they sent it initially to our old apartment address. By the time the letter returned back to Karlskrona Kommun due to wrong address, and by the time Karlskrona Kommun figured out our actual address and sent us the letter again, 2 weeks had passed. But this did not change the deadline to fix the height of the wall. The deadline is 31st of October, i.e. end of this month.

When I realized that we had just a week left to fix the problem with the wall in order to avoid any penalties from Kommun, I started panicking. I called all the contacts at Myresjöhus and the sub-contractors to get help. The sub-contractor responsible for building the wall then assured me that he will get the wall fixed before 31st of October. Now I just hope everything is sorted out within time to avoid penalties, even if it means that we will have to tear down the good looking wall that is currently standing there. I am just hoping that the wall will still look nice after the height of the wall is lowered at the corner.

But this is just one of the bumps. Recently the guys put the balcony in place with the nice looking aluminium and glass frames. They then proceeded to install the drain pipes for the balcony, which is when we realized the mistake that another sub-contractor had made. The drainage pipe on the ground to which the drain-pipe from the balcony would connect, was placed on the wrong side. Which means there was a mis-match. The person who did the ground work placed the drainage pipe in the wrong spot. Now that is a silly mistake. However, the sub-contractor said that it was not a big issue and he can just dig the ground a bit and move the pipe in the right place.

Additionally another drain pipe on the other side of the house was placed very close to the surface of the ground. And it is causing problem to place the slabs for the steps.

But the sub-contractor assured that he will fix both these issues before the inspection.

I was really hoping that all these issues are sorted as soon as possible, but I don't have high hopes for that because it is raining a lot outside. And I do not expect the guys to do any digging or wall-fixing work out in the rain. But hopefully these issues should be taken care of before the deadline. Now we just wait and watch.

One year on...

Today it has been a year since we started the journey to build our home. It was exactly one year ago that we signed the contract with Myresjöhus to for building our house.

Since then it has been an adventure with planning the houseroadblockshunting for a cheaper apartment to save some money, handling the budget, long trip to HTH in Jönköping for the kitchen and creating loving and funny memories along the way.

The journey is not yet over, but we are close. Soon it will be time for the pre-inspection and final inspection. Until then we shall cherish the anxious waiting time as we see the house getting completed step by step to become our dream home.
Painting work inside the house shall start now.

The final date is set...

It has been a busy month. Many brain storming sessions on what furniture to buy, which color curtains we should have, where should the dining table be placed, etc..etc... I think these things can never be settled. I have some ideas and Ana has almost always contradicting views and ideas on these things.
Rectangular White table with white chairs

Rectangular White table with black chairs

Square table with wooden finish and chairs

But in the middle of all this, we got a pleasant surprise. We received an email with the date for the pre-inspection and final inspection of the house. The kontrollbesiktning (Swedish for pre-inspection) is booked for 29th November and slutbesiktning (Swedish for final inspection) will be on 7th of December. Like I mentioned earlier, the Sewdes are very punctual in these matters. They stick to the timeline promised. Now I have also added the count-down timer on the right hand side of this blog.

The day of the final inspection is also the day we get the keys for our house. YAY!! Which also means that now I have to compromise on my ideas on the arrangement inside the house and let Ana decide on it so that at least everything is in place before Christmas.

Well, almost everything. We still have to do the painting of the house, get the garden grass in place, put up a nice deck outside the house, put some hedge along the wall, outdoor lightning, etc.. etc...
But you know what, all that can wait OR rather has to wait until spring. The weather is now cold and windy with intermittent rains, and soon there will be snow. Which means it is not a suitable time for the grass/plants to grow and not a good time to paint the house either.

So we will take it easy on that part and just move into the house and make it ready from the inside at least for the Christmas. May be I will also try to put the outdoor lamps, which I think will be nice given that now the days are getting shorter.

In the meanwhile we continue waiting and watching the house from the outside.

The house is shaping up!

As the work on the inside of the house continues, the actual shape and size of the house starts to appear. Last couple of weeks the guys have been working hard on building the inner walls of the house.


While all is going according to the plan on the inside of the house, there have been some minor obstacles encountered on the outside of the house as well. The entrance of the house has hit a roadblock. The drain-pipe coming down from the roof of the house and going under the ground is placed just at the corner where the concrete slab for entrance step has to be placed.

Now the ground works contractor has to fix this issue by digging a little deeper and placing the drain-pipe a bit more lower. That will now be done in the coming week and after that the entrance steps will be placed.

Other small problem is that we cannot put the grass on the outside of the house, yet. It will now have to wait until spring next year. As autumn has already started now, the evenings and nights are becoming colder and colder and days are getting shorter. This is not an ideal condition for the grass to grow. And even if we plan to put grass now, we cannot due to the fact that the guys working on the house need some space outside to put the materials and tools. So right now the ground is not really empty to do anything.

So instead of focusing on things that cannot be done now and which are not in our control, we are focusing on other things like planning the outdoor lightning. As the work is still on going, we asked the carpenter and the electrician to make some points available on the outer walls of the house where we could put external lamps. If we have to do this work after the house is ready, it will be double work and too much wear and tear.

Now that we have already got the week number (not a fixed date yet) when we can move into the house, we have started to look for some furniture. Right now we are living in an apartment and don't really have much furniture. So after we move into the house, we will need to have some furniture, or else the house will look very empty. So right now we are just hopping around different stores to see what we should buy and get some inspiration on how we should decorate our house.