The house is shaping up!

As the work on the inside of the house continues, the actual shape and size of the house starts to appear. Last couple of weeks the guys have been working hard on building the inner walls of the house.


While all is going according to the plan on the inside of the house, there have been some minor obstacles encountered on the outside of the house as well. The entrance of the house has hit a roadblock. The drain-pipe coming down from the roof of the house and going under the ground is placed just at the corner where the concrete slab for entrance step has to be placed.

Now the ground works contractor has to fix this issue by digging a little deeper and placing the drain-pipe a bit more lower. That will now be done in the coming week and after that the entrance steps will be placed.

Other small problem is that we cannot put the grass on the outside of the house, yet. It will now have to wait until spring next year. As autumn has already started now, the evenings and nights are becoming colder and colder and days are getting shorter. This is not an ideal condition for the grass to grow. And even if we plan to put grass now, we cannot due to the fact that the guys working on the house need some space outside to put the materials and tools. So right now the ground is not really empty to do anything.

So instead of focusing on things that cannot be done now and which are not in our control, we are focusing on other things like planning the outdoor lightning. As the work is still on going, we asked the carpenter and the electrician to make some points available on the outer walls of the house where we could put external lamps. If we have to do this work after the house is ready, it will be double work and too much wear and tear.

Now that we have already got the week number (not a fixed date yet) when we can move into the house, we have started to look for some furniture. Right now we are living in an apartment and don't really have much furniture. So after we move into the house, we will need to have some furniture, or else the house will look very empty. So right now we are just hopping around different stores to see what we should buy and get some inspiration on how we should decorate our house.

The work goes on...

Any house building project comes with its ups and downs. And one of the downs is the waiting part.
Waiting is the most boring and anxiety inducing part of building a house. But one can do nothing about it as the house cannot be built over night. Even though the structure of the house is standing, there is a lot of work to be done on the inside.

The work is still far from finished, but there has been some progress during the past few weeks. Although unfinished, we can now see the size of the living room, laundry room, bedrooms, toilets and the attic under the roof.

Soon the walls will be in place for the painting work to start. So long until then.

Carport and wall are almost done!

This week they guys on site installed the carport and the outer storage room. The work on the inside of the house still continues. But the carport, storage room and the fence wall are done (almost!).